Squadron Commander

The Griffin Composite Squadron ( Ga-014) is the oldest operational squadron in the Georgia wing. Currently,we have approximately 35 cadets and 32 senior officers. The motto of Georgia 014 is "Can Do" and in keeping with our motto we have a long track record of excellence. Over the years Ga-014 has produced an astronaut, many Spaatz cadets and numerous accommodations and citations. In 2015 Ga-014 was awarded the quality cadet citation,one of only 4 units to receive this award. Other awards this year include the ground team of the year for the Georgia wing as well as for the Southeast region.

2015 has been noteworthy for our aircrews as well. Our mission pilots set an all time record for the number of hours logged on our airplane. These hours were logged mostly in the process of flying cadets. In the upcoming year we will continue to maintain our policy of excellence by pursuing our goal of achieving fully operational status, enabling us to continue our Air Force assigned search and rescue efforts by air and by ground. Additionally, we will continue our efforts to produce the highest quality cadets for our communities and our for country.

Members of the Griffin Composite squadron enjoy camaraderie and the pride that comes through serving their country as members of the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

If you are interested in serving with us or would like more information, please contact me.

Maj Bill Reynolds CAP
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United States Air Force Auxiliary

Deputy Commander of Cadets

Deputy Commander of Seniors

Cadet Squadron Commander